Founder / Lead Investigator

I became interested in the paranormal as a young boy growing up with One Step Beyond and Twilight Zone on TV. The strange and unusual have always held a
fascination for me. I still enjoy watching these programs. I also enjoy listening to music, playing my drums, watching baseball and getting together with friends. PART meetings are always fun. Going out to dinner with friends is also something I enjoy.


PART (Paranormal Anomalies Research Team) was formed in 2010. Since that time we've had some personnel changes. However, the basic premise of the
group has remained the same. That is, to take the investigation seriously, but, at the same time have fun.

I believe in a scientific approach to each investigation. By that I mean that I want to see proof. I want photos, video, EVP or other "hard" evidence that something
was "captured" at the investigation. Investigations do not have to be done at night. Daytime frequently works. The best time to investigate, "it is said", is
around 2:00-4:00 AM. This is because it is a quiet time of the day.

We use various types of equipment for the purpose of capturing evidence. We use: cameras (video/stills), EMF detectors (K2 meters and the like), digital audio
recorders and analog (cassette) recorders. Each member carries a flashlight. These are the basic pieces of equipment to start out with if you are a "newbie".
We use much more equipment which I won't go into here.


I am frequently asked if I recommend joining a paranormal group or getting involved with the paranormal. The paranormal is nothing to fear, generally. My answer to these inquiries is always the same. I tell the person to find a local group
and ask permission to accompany them on an investigation or two. If you find, after this, that you are "hooked" .... join a group.

If you are having an occurrence at your location and you feel that it may be one of a paranormal nature, please contact us. We may be of some assistance. We can not guarantee to rid a location of activity, however, we should be able to determine what is occurring and how to deal with it. You may contact us at the
"contact us" tab on the opening page of the website. Send an email and a member will reply to you.

Thank you for your interest in our group PART.