Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a ghost, spirit, poltergeist & demon?

Opinions on this may vary. For the most part, a ghost & poltergeist are intertwined and may be confused as the same thing. A ghost is generally an apparition that is seen. A poltergeist is a "noisy spirit". If you find all your kitchen cabinet doors opened it is, generally, the work of a poltergeist. It is thought that neither of these entities is physically harmful. A ghost lingers in its current environment because it has not crossed over. There are many reasons for this. 1-he/she may not know they are dead. 2-revenge on one whom they feel has wronged them. 3-protect loved ones. 4-they don't want to leave the atmosphere they have known. 5-they are afraid of "final judgment" if they go to the

"white light". While a ghost has never moved on, a spirit has. A spirit has moved into the white light. A spirit may choose to re-visit certain earthly locations. After the visitation, the spirit returns to where it came from. A "demon" is an evil entity. They can cause physical & psychological harm. A demon may possess you and take over your life, Controlling much of it. They are evil. If you think you have a demonic situation going on, contact a professional investigator to solve the problem.

Why would someone want to join a paranormal group?

Do not join a paranormal group for the purpose of "fun". If you are serious about investigating the paranormal, contact an organized group. Part takes the paranormal very seriously. If you are curious or interested in finding out more about the paranormal, please contact us.

What if i become frightened during an investigation?

Tell your group leader. It may be best for you to leave the area for a while.

Can someone become possessed on an investigation?

Yes. However, it is extremely rare for anyone to become possessed at any time unless

The location is truly occupied by an evil force.

What can i do to protect myself?

Say a prayer before entering the location and upon leaving . Carry any type of religious article that gives you faith & strength with you.

Is there an inherent danger to investigating the paranormal?


Is the paranormal field something to fear?


What is so special about paranormal investigations?


Do i need to buy much equipment to do an investigation?

No. Basic Equipment needed: camera, approximate cost $130 for a decent digital camera. Dar/ digital audio recorder, cost: $40. Flashlight, $20. These are basic pieces to acquire. Approximate cost: $200. Next, you' ll want to purchase an emf/ k2 type recorder to pick up activity in the room. Approximate cost: $50. After this, anything else you purchase is up to

You. Don't purchase anything until you become a member of the group.

What is the difference between a paranormal group and a ghost hunter group?

A paranormal group is serious about investigating a location . We go in with no pre-conceived notion as to whether the location is "haunted" or not. A ghost hunter group does not take the topic seriously. To them it's nothing more than a "fun" thing ... A joke.

How do i know i can trust the members of this paranormal team?

You don't. But, how can you trust anyone in any situation?

What is an EVP?

electronic voice phenomenon (singular) Phenomena (plural). These are sounds occuring below the normal hearing range of a person. A person hears between 20 hertz and 20,000

Hertz in their hearing range. An evp is generally generated at 16-18 Hertz ... Too low for the human ear to pick up on. However, the dar will record it.

What is an EMF?

electro magnetic field. With an emf detector you May detect electro magnetic field fluctuations in your area. However, Not all of these are genuine. An entity may give off an emf field due to Its presence and need for energey obtained from equipment or those Present in the room. There are other reasons why you may obtain emf Readings. Electrical connections are the most common reason for emf Meters to give off a "false" reading. If you are too close to one, you May get a reading. If you get a "steady" reading on your meter, you are Picking up electronic emissions. However, if you get signals which Fluctuate on the reading scale, you may have something authentic as Far as a ghost. Cell phones can give off signals. Be certain to turn off All phones. Police or emergency vehicles may also give off signals. Don't, always, assume that because your k2 meter is going off that There is a ghost standing right next to you .

Should "young" people become involved in the paranormal?

Yes, if they show a sincere interest in it.

Should an investigator attempt to debunk?

Don't go into an investigation with the idea that you are going to debunk whatever is there. Always keep an open mind.

Other than a demon, can a ghost or spirit attach itself to you?

Yes. Although not as severe as a demonic possession, it can still take


Are there dangers associated with paranormal investigating?

Yes. However, don't let a fear of the unknown or "dangers" prevent you

From investigating if you are truly interested in this field. There are

Dangers associated with most everything.

if i have had a paranormal experience in my life, does that mean i am more likely to atiract a negative spirit?


How does a spirit/ demon select its next target?

generally, randomly.

What are the chances i could bring something home with me?