Case Mgr. / Investigator

The paranormal. Yes, it is a fascinating topic.


I grew up in Baltimore among a family of aunts and uncles who were very interested in "unusual" happenings. This was my initial inspiration to look into the paranormal field.


My talents in the paranormal field include the fact that I am an audio-clairvoyant. Basically, this means that I have an extra keen sense of hearing. Frequently I am able to hear sounds outside those of the normal range of "human" hearing.


My responsibility with PART is as Case Manager. I am responsible for client contact and for booking investigations for the group.


PART investigations are always interesting. I'm glad I have found a "solid" paranormal group to work with . PART is my first group.


Some things about me personally: I work in the health care field, I love animals, music and the paranormal. I am very spiritual and curious about the other side.


Looking forward to some interesting future investigations.