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P.E.R.T. is based out of Parkville, Maryland.  We do not and never will charge for our services.  Everything we do is 100% free.  You can contact us via the contact us tab.  We will get back in touch with you within 72 hours.  

Below are a few things that sets us a part from other groups, including what you see on tv.  

 We don't wear anything that would tell people we are part of a paranormal group.  We also don't come in with a lot of equipment.  We try to use our phones for every resource we can (a phone is able to take pictures in 4k, record audio, etc. ).  This makes it possible for us to drive normal cars and not a big van (as you see in the tv shows).  It is already hard enough for you to reach out for help, the last thing you would want is their neighbors seeing a paranormal group entering their house.


 We will never ask you to leave your house, so we can investigate.  We will investigate with you right there with us.  A lot of times, we ask that the family to just pretend we aren't even there and to go about living their life, while we pay attention to what is taking place. 


 Since we investigate right beside the home owner, we process all evidence in real time.  If we find something, you will be right there to see it as we do.  There is no waiting period while we "review" the evidence.  Since there will be a lot going on during the night of the investigation, we do provide a summary recapping everything that took place that night.


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